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Buddy: 27 year old Welsh/thoroughbred cross pony. Buddy is 12.1 hands tall and has been an active volunteer equine since 2006. Buddy is adorable and our tiniest riders think he’s perfect!

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Gizmo: 22 year old Quarter horse. Gizmo is 14 hands tall and has been a volunteer equine since 2006. Gizmo is the special favorite of many riders new to the Program. He is incredibly gentle and loving and knows how tender his charges are.

Tucker: Tucker is the baby among the equine volunteers and is a 16.1 hand 7 year old buckskin Appendix Quarter horse. Tucker is the other Program owned horse and was a donation from Dr. and Mrs. Joe Manno from Tryon, NC. Tucker is very smart and well trained and is a wonderful horse for the older advanced riders.


Dancer:  Dancer is an 17 year old 15.3 hand registered spotted walking horse. She is a favorite with taller riders because she is so pretty and sweet! Dancer was one of the first equine volunteers when the Program began in 1998 and is our longest volunteering horse.


Here are Tucker and Dancer volunteering!

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J.R. (Just Right!):  J.R. is a 22 year old Paint/Appaloosa cross. J.R. is 16.1 hands tall and  is used for the larger and more advanced riders. He just joined the Program in Fall 2008 and is a donation from Andy and Pat Foster of Tryon, NC. As  former “husband horse,” J.R. has perfect manners and a loving personality.

Kahlua:  Kahlua is a 12 year old large pony of unknown origins who is a temporary equine volunteer as he belongs to a children’s camp in the mountains of North Carolina and is on loan for the school year. Kahlua is 14.2 and a great size for our intermediate riders.


Matchbox: Matchbox is a 14.1 hand 8 year old Halflinger. He began his volunteering in 2007 and is quite a sturdy fellow. He is happy to help those larger and heavier riders who cannot ride without assistance but who are too heavy for the other ponies. Matchbox is a very hairy boy who loves to roll in the mud!

In Loving Memory:


Saint Bucky: Although precious Bucky is no longer with us, he is remembered with love by all the riders and volunteers who worked with him over his long career. He was the perfect therapy mount who never, ever put a foot wrong and knew instinctively what each rider required. He is sorely missed.


“Nothing does as much for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse."