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Volunteering for Hearts and Hooves


     We are grateful for our volunteers. The "Heart" of the Hearts and Hooves program is our group of dedicated volunteers. The success of Hearts and Hooves relies on the caring and dedication shown by each and every one of our volunteers.

     Hearts and Hooves volunteers are very special people who work tirelessly to improve the quality of health and life of these athletes. They are paid with a smile and measurable improvement visible to them.

     For most riders, it takes three volunteers - a leader and two side-walkers. If we have three horses during a riding session, that's nine volunteers, and another one or two on the sidelines.

     Travis Mangum, a North Shelby parent, brings horses to the program and volunteers too.

     "We definitely need more people helping to expand the riding program as we would like," Mangum said. "We need 24 people - 12 every other Tuesday. That way we'd have the same volunteers working with the same students."

     If you are considering volunteering we hope this information helps you find the opportunity you are looking for. Volunteers are needed to do just about anything from feeding and grooming the horses to leading students around the ring.

    Time commitments can range from a few hours for a single project to as much time as you have available. Try something new. Learn new skills and meet new people.

     If you are interested in volunteering for Hearts and Hooves, please
contact us.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."