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Four-Legged Volunteers

All of our therapy animals live with volunteers and are brought to our facility.

whiskey 2019.jpg


My name is Whiskey! I am a mare and I was rescued along with my friend Duke. I am very happy to start working with the participants and learn from them.

Oliver "Ollie"

My name is "Ollie"! I am a 13 year old American Quarter Horse gelding and I'm 15.3 hands tall. I have done a little bit of everything and I'm very well-rounded. I once helped missionaries travel the country on my back. I traveled all the way from Indiana to North Carolina patiently serving my missionaries. I enjoy learning new skills in the arena and playing games with my therapy kids. I always try to do the right thing and I light up when I've mastered a new task! 

duke 2019_edited.jpg


My name is Duke! I am a gentle gelding and my owner rescued me. I am so happy to be able to fulfill my purpose in helping the participants. I live with Whiskey. 



My name is Dutchess! I am a camp horse in the summer and am working with Hearts and Hooves during the school year. I am a very big and stout mare. I am very easy going and have one blue eye. I have fair skin so wear a mask to keep the sun off me.



My name is Twister! I am a UK pony gelding from personal ponies, I'm 24 years old and a very short and stout pony. I am a nosey pony and love my treats and being brushed. I live with another pony in the program named Champ.

Harlie Hearts and Hooves_edited.jpg



Kiwanis was purchased in 2018 with

the funds donated solely by Kiwanis

of Shelby.


L.B. "Equicizer"

The Equicizer offers fun alternative ways of conducting therapeutic exercises for children and adults with disabilities. I has been a proven therapeutic aid and a useful tool for those suffering from Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Cord injury, Paralysis, head trauma, amputation, stroke recovery, learning and emotional disabilities, Down Syndrome and Autism. 



My name is Champ! I am a 23 year old gelding UK pony from Personal Ponies. I am very sweet and gentle. I live with Twister, who likes to eat my food,


My name is Sasha! I am a 8 year old Golden Retriever. I have been a therapy dog for 7 years and just retired in 2020. I have made many trips to Hospice, some nursing homes, and I go to high school and middle school classes for autistic children. My birthday is on January 1st. I love people and I love hugs, rubs and scratches on my back. I have been trained not to shake hands or lick.I am really good to obey those orders. My favorite activity is chasing tennis balls. I would play ball all day if I could!



My name is Layla! I am a 5 year old Heeler mix from Gaffney, NC. My mom rescued me from the Cherokee County Humane Society. I have always had the sweetest and calmest temperament, even as a puppy. I love visiting people and I recently became a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International.

9-19-19 Mousse w Grace.Kristin.Dick Bake


My name is Moouse! I am a certified great big therapy dog with a bright personality. I am very sweet and patient with the kids. I am a Great Pyrenees and am the same size as Twister and Champ the ponies!