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Four-Legged Volunteers

All of our therapy animals live with volunteers and are brought to our facility.



My name is Ellie and I am a 17 year old American Paint. I am 15 hands tall and love being brushed and eat treats. I am very loving and always try to do what is asked of me. I live with my 2 best friends Sadie and Jinx.



My name is Jinx and I am a 17 year old American Paint. I am 15 hands tall and my favorite treat is carrots. I am very bright and inquisitive. I live with my friends Ellie and Sadie.



My name is Butterscotch and I am a 22 year old Haflinger pony. I am strong, compact and have a golden heart. I live with my donkey friends Harmony and Zippidy Do Dah. 


L.B. "Equicizer"

The Equicizer offers fun alternative ways of conducting therapeutic exercises for children and adults with disabilities. I has been a proven therapeutic aid and a useful tool for those suffering from Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Cord injury, Paralysis, head trauma, amputation, stroke recovery, learning and emotional disabilities, Down Syndrome and Autism. 

Harlie Hearts and Hooves_edited.jpg



Kiwanis was purchased in 2018 with

the funds donated solely by Kiwanis

of Shelby.



My name is Layla! I am a 6 year old Heeler mix from Gaffney, NC. My mom rescued me from the Cherokee County Humane Society. I have always had the sweetest and calmest temperament, even as a puppy. I love visiting people and I recently became a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International.

9-19-19 Mousse w Grace.Kristin.Dick Bake


My name is Mousse! I am a certified great big therapy dog with a bright personality. I am very sweet and patient with the kids. I am a Great Pyrenees and kind and patient.