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"To ride the horse is to ride the sky"

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In Loving Memory:

Easy (Easy Does It) 1989-2016


Considered by some to be the best horse EVER, Easy was intuitive, cautious, and a steady ride. He was a 16.2 hand, 26 year old, Flea Bitten Gray, Thoroughbred, Appaloosa Cross, Gelding.

Easy LOVED his job and was great with carrying tall and timid riders. The personal horse of one our volunteers, Easy was a faithful volunteer for Hearts and Hooves since 2008. 

A Purpose Fulfilled

Prince Bailey Brown (Bailey) 

5.26.2006 - 8.10.2017

The first Certified Therapy Dog to be a member of our team, this boy certainly set the bar high. Bailey knew his purpose with the students and staff at North Shelby School. That purpose was to calm the fears of those not able or willing to meet the horses; to bring laughter and to love unconditionally. Outside of a hike with his human, not many things made him happier than coming to work to see the kids. Bailey was a unique asset to the program and loved dearly by all of us at Hearts and Hooves. 

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